November 19, 2018



Tech Gear 5.7, Inc. is issuing a voluntarily recall of just under 1,200 pairs of lithium-ion batteries provided with its Performance Heated Socks because of the potential danger from fire in cases where recharging the batteries occurs with a charging adapter other than the charging adapter provided with the product.

The recall affects the batteries, and not the sock. The batteries have the potential to overheat when charged with a charging adapter not provided with the product, posing a fire and burn hazard to customers.


Product Recalled: Recalled are lithium-ion batteries (MW37V22) for Mobile Warming branded Performance Heated Socks. The affected batteries are those included with performance socks packaging part number MW18A04-17-14, MW18A04-17-15, MW18A04-M4-10/W6-11 and MW18A04- M10-14 that were sold between September 1, 2018 and October 15, 2018.

Part Number UPC Code
MW18A04-17-14 648609589672
MW18A04-M4-10/W6-11 648609589672
MW18A04-17-15 648609589689
MW18A04-M10-14 648609589689


The Problem: Tech Gear 5.7 has received four reports of batteries overheating, melting or igniting when a charger adapter other than the charger adapter provided with the product was used to recharge the battery. The malfunctioning batteries appear to have caused limited property damage in two separate incidents and melting of the battery case in the other two cases.

We have discovered that overheating results from over voltage during charging when a charging adapter is used having a voltage greater than the batteries intended voltage. The charger provided with the product is of the proper voltage. The reported incidents have occurred when a charger adapter other than the charger adapter provided with the product is used.

The problem has only been reported when charging the battery and not during normal use as directed.

The battery is manufactured in China.

The Fix: Retailers should immediately STOP selling the Mobile Warming Performance Sock with Bluetooth® control and return unsold product to Tech Gear 5.7. Consumers can receive a replacement of the product by directly contacting Tech Gear 5.7 at or by calling 1-888-908-6024.

The product may be controlled through a Bluetooth® connection with a mobile phone app. The product must be paired and powered on through the mobile phone app in order to operate with Bluetooth® control. The mobile phone app has been recoded to provide a notification regarding this recall to the user at the time of pairing. The mobile phone app will not allow operation of the product with the device, thus the product cannot be activated and the consumer must contact the company to resolve this matter.

Distribution: 4,000 pairs of the battery have been produced. 1,175 pairs have been sold into retail distribution and direct to consumers online.

How to contact the Manufacturer:

Tech Gear 5.7, Inc.
2910 Norman Strasse Rd.
Suite 104
San Marcos, CA 92069

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you. We believe the safety of our customers is of the highest importance.