MW Connect App

MW Connect® allows you to control Bluetooth® enabled Mobile Warming® garments with your mobile device. MW Connect® App easily pairs and syncs with your Mobile Warming garments. Through the MW Connect® app you easily toggle through all connected Mobile Warming® devices and adjust individual heat levels to your liking. MW Connect® allows you to get real time updates on battery levels, register your product, and update your garments when new firmware becomes available.

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Get started with MW Connect®

1. After installing the app, please watch the “How to Pair MW Connect App” video or skip to Step 2
2. Enable Bluetooth on your mobile device.
3. Power on only one Bluetooth ready Mobile Warming Garment. If you have more than one garment, you will repeat Steps 3 through 7 for each item.
4. Launch the MW Connect app. MW Connect will auto-scan for available Mobile Warming Garments. MW Connect will list all available garments as “New Equipment.”
5. Select “New Equipment.”
6. Rename “New Equipment” to something unique to you, for example, “John’s Socks” or “John’s Jacket.”
7. Select “Finish.” The pairing process is now complete and MW Connect will store your garment’s information. If you have more than one Bluetooth Mobile Warming garment, repeat steps 3 thru 7 for each garment.
8. After you successfully pair, all Mobile Warming Garments use MW Connect to remotely control heat settings and monitor power levels to stay warm and comfortable for hours.