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Mobile Warming® products are designed with the outdoors in mind; the range of applications is wide-spread including skiing, hunting, hiking, fishing, motorcycling, golf...even work Breakthrough technology provides outstanding levels of comfort and warmth for an entire day at the touch of a button; exceeding the efficiency of any other warming system available in outerwear today. Mobile Warming® is committed to continuing to provide customers with the best quality, best priced, and best performing heated products on the market.

Technology Exclusive Materials
and Performance Features

Patented Mobile Warming® technology is specially engineered for cold environmental conditions. Mobile Warming® comprehensive heating solutions keep you warm and comfortable. The exclusive Mobile Warming® heating system utilizes F.I.R. (Far-Infrared) heat and ultra-fine metal fiber heating elements powered by lightweight, rechargeable, and powerful Lithium-Ion batteries. As heat builds Mobile Warming® advanced materials reflect and direct heat back towards the body ensuring that you stay warm. The combination of unique materials, construction techniques, and innovative design results in the most advanced heated gear available.

Mobile Warming Technology


Bacteria and microbes can infiltrate clothing causing odor, color fading, and a short garment lifespan. Mobile Warming® Anti-Microbial technology improves freshness, supports hygiene, and offers excellent odor control. Used throughout Mobile Warming® baselayers and socks; Anti-Microbial coating is a non-sensitizing formula that will not irritate skin ensuring you hours of odor free comfort.


Mobile Warming® garments that feature Mobile Warming Anti-static technology incorporates conductive fibers that dissipate or drain static charges, reducing static cling or possible static electricity sparks. Anti-Static is used throughout Mobile Warming Dual Power Apparel where the garment may be worn in proximity to gasoline to reduce the potential for dangerous sparks.

Dual Power 12Volt

Dual Power garments are designed to operate either by a 12volt Vehicle System or 12volt 5.2mAh Lithium-Ion Battery to provide unmatched levels of heat and versatility. The heating panels Dual Power products are nearly three times larger than our standard 7.4volt panels. Even with larger panels, they supply consistent heat for the same duration of time as our standard panels. Dual Power is perfect for the motorcycle, ATV or Snowmobile rider.

Far-Infrared Heating System

Far-Infrared, aka F.I.R is a powerful efficient way to heat the body because F.I.R. heats objects, not air. Mobile Warming® heating systems are comprised of lightweight and efficient ultra-fine metal fibers strategically placed for maximum transfer. As F.I.R heat builds proprietary materials reflect and direct heat back towards the body.

Lithium-ion Batteries

We only use the highest quality Lithium-Ion batteries to ensure long-lasting power and battery life. Mobile Warming® batteries are designed specifically for each garment to power your Mobile Warming product for hours.


Phoslite® is an industry exclusive reflective technology that is used for enhanced visibility at night or during low visibility conditions. Phoslite® is composed of millions of tiny “reflective” lenses bonded to a fabric backing. These lenses will reflect light straight back to the source, providing reflective warnings for improved safety.


Rainguard® is a polyurethane coating which allows perspiration to escape, while preventing water from penetrating the garment. This advanced technology has been engineered and tested to be; lightweight, 100% waterproof, breathable, and resistant to cold with a soft next-to-skin feel.


Wind-Shark® protects from the negative effects that wind can have on your body by blocking it from entering the core of your garment to retain body heat or warmth from our heating system. Wind-Shark™ includes a durable outer water-repellent fabric treatment along with sewn seems that are sealed with thermoplastic tape for additional wind and waterproofing. Wind-Shark™ is a complete wind protection technology made of a combination of a breathable wind-proof membrane and a water-repellent coating.

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