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Mobile Warming®
Technology is designed for activities in cold environment conditions for motorcyclists, outdoor, and hunting enthusiasts to provide a comprehensive heating solution. Our system utilizes the emerging far-infrared heat and ultra-fine metal fiber heating technologies, which through a portable power supply achieves active heat. This is unique from many products that are currently available on the market. Our insulating heat transfer panels reflect and keep heat to the body compared to many other technologies that lose heat.

Reflective technology that was developed for enhancede visibility at night or used in low visibility conditions. Phoslite is comprised of millions of tiny "retro-reflective" lenses bonded to a variety of reflected light back to the light source, which provides high visibilty.

Wind-Shark technology is when the sewn seams have been sealed using thermoplastic tape to provide the protection from rain and water while keeping you dry and comfortable.

12V Dual Power Battery Technology

12v Dual Power Battery
Our new 12v Dual Power garments are designed to operate either by individual rechargeable MW 12V 5.2Ah battery pack or vehicles standard 12 volt electrical system to provide unmatched levels of heat and versatility.

Includes Mobile Warming touch-button technology. This all you to change heat settings at the touch of a button, without fumbling around with a battery.

Featuring a built-in wire harness for direct connection to your motor vehicle, as well as connections to MW gloves and pants.

Interior pocket for storing 12V 5.2Ah rechargeable lithium battery as it powers the garment.

Battery features a USB port for charging electronic accessories or mobile devices.

The heating Panels on our new 12v products are nearly three times larger than our standard panels. Even with larger panels, they still supply consistent heat for the same duration of time as our standard panels. This provides unprecedented heat coverage while retaining the flexibility and comfort of our standard garments.

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